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Fall 2016 TV Roundup

Happy fall solstice everyone! Last week’s premiere¬†of AHS reminded me that the fall season is upon us. After a very dry summer season autumn has come to the rescue with lots of period pieces and some fantasy. Theme for fall: time-travel.

  • American Horror Story 6: What is this season about? Nobody knows, not even after watching the first two episodes. Knowing this show period flashbacks are inevitable. (How well I can stomach any inevitable plantation scenes is another story) An inter-racial couple and a single black woman in rural NC, I am prepared to have my inner peace disturbed. I’ll be keeping the lights on for this season.
  • Making History: Unpopular Dan from present day has a time-traveling dufflebag. After realising he might have screwed up the American Revolution he goes to his colleague for help, a history prof. Together they try to “set things right”. Looks like a lot of fun and will be funny. Not fond of “white lead black (comedic) sidekick” shows but from the trailer he doesn’t appear to be the standard stereotype¬†and actually wears period clothing similar to everyone else. Reading the extended summary it sounds like Dan’s love interest gets to do things too (besides look pretty). Cautiously optimistic about this.
  • Son of Zorn: First thought that this was either an [as] show or Fox. I’m not sure how I feel about this but it looks typical for a (half) animated Fox show. Pass.
  • Still Star-Crossed: Diverse period piece and Shonda Rimes, I’m sold. I don’t need to know what it’s about I’m tuning in every week. ūüėõ Based on a novel this is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet and what happens to their families after their deaths.
  • Time After Time: A man who invents a time-travel¬†machine believes his friend is Jack the Ripper, so he goes to the future to stop him. Not so sure about this one.
  • Timeless: A trio goes throughout time to stop a criminal who keeps trying to alter major events. It¬†appears them being chosen is due to more than mere coincidence. I appreciate the sole black man of the trio acknowledge that American history¬†as a whole would be unsafe for him.¬†He wasn’t featured in many scenes so who knows how much of a role he’ll play. On the fence about this one.
  • Westworld: Based on the 1973 movie,¬†people in the future can pay to pretend to be in the wild west. Full of androids and no formal authority, they can act out their desires with no consequence. It’ll explore what’s right and wrong, etc. An HBO series so violence and nudity will be plentiful.
  • Midnight, Texas: From the creator of True Blood, this is set in a Texan town populated by supernatural folk (vampires, werewolves, etc) who try to keep outsiders away.
  • Emerald¬†City:¬†Dark n edgy Wizard of Oz.¬†Can’t find a trailer for this one so I can’t properly form an option.

I don’t know what inspired all these time travel shows or period pieces (the past couple seasons were light on both) so I am very excited to see these. I see all the major channels are trying to cash in and I just hope they are decent. Better yet, they last more than a season.


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Halloween Roundup

As the month of Halloween (aka October to casuals)¬†has come to a close it is time for me to report my costume roundup. It is with much regret that after visiting three different thrift shops numerous times my historical and vintage haul is non-existent. The closest thing I saw was a fantasy/medieval dress that had part of a bustier sewn in and made of rather weird fabric. (front half detailed, back half plain and unremarkable) It looked way too costume-y and couldn’t bring myself to buy it. As if that wasn’t bad enough the costume¬†selection overall was weak. Last year my store got a phenomenal selection of goods while this year barely inspired excitement.¬†All was not lost, as I was able to purchase a couple of goods including a lovely gothic lolita dress.

In brighter news, the mini series Over the Garden Wall has premiered! Created by Pat McHale who has worked on Adventure Time and Flapjack, follows the adventures of two boys lost in the woods trying to get home. It sounds terribly tired but the series is anything but. There are a lot of historical elements present in the series, although somewhat anachronistic. it is visually appealing and plenty of nods to vintage animation. The entire series is highly entertaining, unnerving, and ultimately satisfying. I will be discussing the aforementioned historical elements after the series has aired, to avoid spoiling those who are just tuning in.

Now back to bed so I can rest.

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The Boxtrolls is coming out this Friday!¬†I’m excited, mainly because I am a fan of Laika’s works and alsobecause its a period piece.¬†Aside from¬†Disney, there¬†aren’t many animated period pieces. Even then, their films are vaguely period accurate at best. Stop motion is a hard medium too, so for them to do a stop motion period piece? A lot of respect.


That being said, the outfits portrayed are not very period accurate. The book is set in the early 1800’s and assuming the movie is as well, it is evident that this isn’t very period accurate. The clothing is a mishmash, with males wearing foppish attire and the women in early Victorian. Again, stop motion is hard and the animators have to move every. single. item for just a one second scene and make it look realistic? It cannot be stressed enough how much respect these animators deserve.

Thankfully I can’t see myself being distracted by this or having it lessen any enjoyment from this movie. The book this movie is based off of is full of anachronisms, so it would make sense the movie would as well. Besides, look how cute these two are!


No one warned me how cute Eggs and Winnie would be

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