Fall (and Summer) 2015 tv Roundup

The fall season is about to start, so here is a list of upcoming period pieces:

  • The Bastard Executioner:  Described as “Sons of Anarchy in the Middle Ages”. I’ll have to see more before I can form an opinion.
  • Wicked cities: Can the 80’s be considered period? Another detective series.
  • American Horror Story, season 5: Here we go again! This season takes place in a hotel in the 30’s, which means beautiful period pieces and architecture abound.  Unlike the rationed and pared down 40’s the 30’s was full of lovely gowns (for the wealthy, mind you). Everyone’s favorites will be back and even Lady Gaga will be there.

Final thoughts: More medical dramas, gritty reluctant white police officers/detectives, and movie reboots/spin offs than you can shake a stick at. Looks like I’ll have to see if there is anything from the summer season to look at. They would have finished or almost done so catching up shouldn’t be an issue.

  • Another period: Parody of reality tv set in the early 20th century. Since its on Comedy Central I’m not going into this expecting BBC levels accuracy in the clothing or norms.
  • Astronauts Wives Club – Set in the late 60’s, follows the wives of the astronauts that went into space and how they deal with their sudden fame.
  • Deutschland 83 – Set in 1983 during the cold war, an East German spy is sent to West Germany to gather intel.
  • Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell – Set during the Neapolianic wars and off the book, it follows the feud of two magicians. A BBC production so accuracy and restrained eloquent banter guaranteed.
  • Tut – A miniseries about King Tut that has a poc playing King Tut himself? AND has a mainly poc cast, including actual black/African people?? Its sad that we’re shocked a movie set in Ancient Egypt doesn’t have white people playing the lead. Almost as sad that Spike tv of all channels managed to get the casting right. I don’t know if the series is accurate but with a mainly poc cast it has my vote.

Summer season looked far more promising, and since these series are done or finishing up I can have something to look at during the fall. Fall’s offerings are slim, so this should


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