Spring break is nearly over and I haven’t worked on a single review. Whoops! My next quarter is looking good, with a class on Italian Sculpture and another on 1700-1900 Gothic Lit. I’m hoping they go well. In the meantime a list of historical movies coming out in the next two months:

  • Woman in Gold- Based on a true story about Maria Altmann’s battle to reclaim a portrait of her aunt taken by the Nazis. Not sure when it is suppose to take place (40’s or 2000’s?) but I imagine there might be flashbacks.
  • Little Boy- A little boy wants to end WWII so his dad will come home.
  • Far from the Madding Crowd – A woman attracts three vastly different suitors in Victorian England, based off the 1847 novel.

If it wasn’t apparent, it is very slim pickings for the spring season. The only other movie I can think out thats come out this season is Cinderella. Looks like I have to turn to tv and lit to get my historical fix, or find an older series.


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