Winter 2014 movie roundup

I had planned on venturing out and seeing the Book of Life today, for it looks beautiful and needs as much support as it can get. Instead I am bundled up drinking tea, trying to stay warm in this awful 40 degree weather. In lieu of that I will be making a list of all the upcoming movies that are coming out this season! Lots of period dramas come out around this time so I am interested to see what Hollywood has brewing.

Disney’s Through the Woods: A+ cast, detailed costumes, charming writing, and songs. Looks like lots of fun and hopefully it’ll be enough to look past the tired depictions of the characters. (another blonde Rapunzel? how original)

Exodus: Gods and Kings: A biblical story which I have a feeling its going to be along the vein of Noah, which doesn’t leave me with much hope.

Big Eyes: Biographical film about the lovely Margaret Keane. Its going to be set in the 1950’s and possibly into the 70’s, where the big climax took place. Its going to be directed by Tim Burton which makes me think this will be more along the lines of Big Fish than Sweeney Todd. Amy Adams does period films well too so I am looking forward to this.

The Hobbit: Need I explain? 😛 A fantasy set in a European-inspired mythological land that defined the fantasy genre, its not to hard to imagine what to expect in terms of architecture and fashion.

Selma: Set in the 50’s about the Selma-to-Montgomery march, which included MLK Jr. Probably going to be a difficult and hard-hitting film to watch with some unpleasant scenes. Will be nominated for several Oscars probably win a hug portion.

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb: Third film in the series, a fun family comedy about a guy who works at a museum where the exhibitions come to life. There is a mishmash of cultures and time periods, all which look fairly accurate. This movie also seems to do a slightly better job at ethnic casting than some other movies *coughexodeuschough*, which is nice. It also stars the late Robin Williams.

Unbroken: About WWII hero Louis “Louie” Zamperini. Unsure of the time period but it seems to be between the 40’s and 50’s. Not my cup of tea but sounds though-provoking and emotional.



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2 responses to “Winter 2014 movie roundup

  1. I’m looking forward to Big Eyes! I love big eye art and Amy Adams is always fun to watch. 🙂


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