Halloween Roundup

As the month of Halloween (aka October to casuals) has come to a close it is time for me to report my costume roundup. It is with much regret that after visiting three different thrift shops numerous times my historical and vintage haul is non-existent. The closest thing I saw was a fantasy/medieval dress that had part of a bustier sewn in and made of rather weird fabric. (front half detailed, back half plain and unremarkable) It looked way too costume-y and couldn’t bring myself to buy it. As if that wasn’t bad enough the costume selection overall was weak. Last year my store got a phenomenal selection of goods while this year barely inspired excitement. All was not lost, as I was able to purchase a couple of goods including a lovely gothic lolita dress.

In brighter news, the mini series Over the Garden Wall has premiered! Created by Pat McHale who has worked on Adventure Time and Flapjack, follows the adventures of two boys lost in the woods trying to get home. It sounds terribly tired but the series is anything but. There are a lot of historical elements present in the series, although somewhat anachronistic. it is visually appealing and plenty of nods to vintage animation. The entire series is highly entertaining, unnerving, and ultimately satisfying. I will be discussing the aforementioned historical elements after the series has aired, to avoid spoiling those who are just tuning in.

Now back to bed so I can rest.


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