The Boxtrolls is coming out this Friday! I’m excited, mainly because I am a fan of Laika’s works and alsobecause its a period piece. Aside from Disney, there aren’t many animated period pieces. Even then, their films are vaguely period accurate at best. Stop motion is a hard medium too, so for them to do a stop motion period piece? A lot of respect.


That being said, the outfits portrayed are not very period accurate. The book is set in the early 1800’s and assuming the movie is as well, it is evident that this isn’t very period accurate. The clothing is a mishmash, with males wearing foppish attire and the women in early Victorian. Again, stop motion is hard and the animators have to move every. single. item for just a one second scene and make it look realistic? It cannot be stressed enough how much respect these animators deserve.

Thankfully I can’t see myself being distracted by this or having it lessen any enjoyment from this movie. The book this movie is based off of is full of anachronisms, so it would make sense the movie would as well. Besides, look how cute these two are!


No one warned me how cute Eggs and Winnie would be


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